Thoughts on Garden design, Part I

The tumblr site is a bit shaky at the moment, so I am unable to complete the text of Part II and thought I would jump ahead to part I and make something mostly visual, since it’s the text that seems to be problematic…

This is a series of photos showing the Galeazza vegetable garden going from just a plan (ropes on the ground in early 2007) through digging by backhoe (thanks, Dario) and shovel (thanks, Ian) to stuff finally growing (thanks Steph). It’s a far from original or exciting format, with just a few little tweeks to make it work in this space. You can see in the first couple of photos, for example, that the four quadrants aren’t as symmetrical as they first appear; the two on the left side are longer. This was necesary in order to have the edges of the garden line up with the tower sidewalk, while at the same time positioning the perpendicular axis (the smaller grass walk between the beds) so it is centred with that black door, which, if you’re wondering, is where the chickens live, just as they did many years ago. I found a coin from 1950 in there under lots of old chicken poo.


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